ISO 4831 (2006) method: Coliforms

Process control Food and animal feeding stuffs

Horizontal method for the enumeration of presumptive Coliforms - Colony-count technique at 30°C

  • Qualitative process control with RM-ECO.00012MM

  • Best Practice

    The single strain RM-ECO.00012MM is used for the detection and enumeration of coliforms

    Process control detection method

    1. Use a quantitative reference material (RM-ECO.00012MM) with a known number of Escherichia coli.
    2. Defrost the material at room temperature for 30 minutes.
    3. Mix well before use.
    4. In the case of qualitative operations the contamination level of the reference material (RM-ECO.00012MM) must be representative of the limit of detection.
    5. At an average contamination level of 5 cfu per control sample, the probability of using a coincidentally uninfected (negative) sample according to the Poisson spread is less than 1%.
    6. Incubate at (30 ± 1) °C for (24 ± 2) h to (48 ± 2) h.
    7. Determine the absence or presence of the microorganism and register your finding in a qualitative control chart.
    8. The characteristic reaction is: Gas production and turbidity.

    Kind of reference material Biosisto product for this control method Control Strain WDCM number NCCB number
    Single-strain reference material Escherichia coli 00012 72002
    The Biosisto reference material in this table is used in the best practice for Qualitative process control according ISO 17025.