ISO 22964 (2017) medium: BPW

Media control Food chain

Microorganisms and performance criteria for non-selective liquid media 'BPW' used in Food chain microbiology according to ISO 22964.

  • Qualitative control of Productivity

  • Best Practice BPW

    Qualitative single tube method for performance testing of liquid media – pre-enrichment media

    1. Use a reference material or test suspension with a known number of Cronobacter sakazakii.
    2. Inoculate the media (BPW) with 0.1 mL of more than 100 cfu/mL and less then 1000 cfu/mL of microorganisms.
    3. Incubate at (18 ± 2) h for 34 °C to 38 °C.
    4. Asses the amount of growth as, 0 for no turbidity, 1 for slight turbidity or 2 for good turbidity.
    5. For this medium (BPW) and standard (ISO 22964) combination the criteria is: "Turbidity (1–2)."

    Control strain WDCM number Ref. media Incubation Criteria Characteristic reaction
    Cronobacter sakazakii TSA (18 ± 2) h for 34 °C to 38 °C Turbidity (1–2) Turbidity
    Cronobacter muytjensii
    The best practice for Qualitative control of Productivity for media control of 'BPW' is based on the data displayed in this table according ISO 22964.