ISO 9308-3 (1999) medium: MUG / EC

Media control Water quality 

Microorganisms and performance criteria for selective isolation media 'MUG / EC' used in Water quality  microbiology according to ISO 9308-3:1998, Annex E.

  • Qualitative control of Productivity

  • Best Practice MUG / EC

    Details for method of control and quality criteria of MUG/ EC medium are given in ISO 9308-3:1998, Annex E

    No further Best Practice available. For the correct method of testing see ISO 11133.

    Control strain WDCM number Incubation Criteria Characteristic reaction
    Escherichia coli (44 ± 0,5) °C for 48 h
    The best practice for Qualitative control of Productivity for media control of 'MUG / EC' is based on the data displayed in this table according ISO 9308-3:1998, Annex E.