This WDCM (World Data Centre of Microorganisms) catalog was produced to enable broader and easier access to the reference strains. It fulfills a need expressed by these bodies for a unique system of identifiers for strains recommended for use in quality assurance. This collection is affiliated with the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC), a collection of various national culture collections.

You can assume that the mentioned collection numbers, under a WDCM number, are exactly the same strain. In practice, this does not appear to be the case. In the validated fasta library not the entire genome of all strains is known yet. This means that it cannot be stated with certainty whether it is the mentioned strains are the same. And which strain is the true one if there of differences.

For Biosisto is this the case for CRM-CJ (Campylobacter jejuni). This strain was once purchased as WDCM 00005 but is not part of the validated fasta liberty, yet, and therefore not with certainty knowns as Campylobacter jejuni WDCM 00005. for this reason, WDCM is not listed on the Certificate of Analyses.







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Quality in Control

Microbiological laboratories should be able to receive reliable analysis without much overhead. A microbiological analyst must be able to focus on the primary activities, for example analysis of the sample material. Quality control should support the analyst in a logical and simple manner. By using modern information technology, process control and quality assurance are designed smarter and more effective.

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