The property value on the Certificate of Analysis is, in most cases, performed according to a standard like ISO or NEN. Sometimes is no standard available, and a total count of micro-organisms is displayed using a non-selective media. This is the case with quality products and CRM with low concentrations, whereby besides the standard method also, a non-selective concentration is displayed. The method used for the property value is stated on the certificate, such as technique, medium, and incubation conditions. The media used are general media for culturing bacteria or yeasts and moulds.

For example:

Pour 48h 37°C / TSA

Technique:                                   Pour plate
Incubation time:                         48 hours
Incubation temperature:           37°C
Media:                                          TSA (Trypton Soya Agar)

Other examples are:
Spread 24h 37°C / TSA
Spread 24h 41,5°C / TSA
Spread 24h 30°C / TSA
Spread 21h 36°C / TSA
Spread 48h 36°C / TSA
Pour 72h 25°C  / SDA


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