Many aspects play a key role in the analysis of ISO 11731, such as filters, washing the filter and media. To verify all aspects of the analysis, Biosisto created new products that are specially designed for this analysis. The products CRM-LPN.BH, CRM-LAN.00106BL and CRM-LPN.00107BH can be used for media control, quality control, learning purposes, verification and validation studies.

Media is an essential aspect of every analysis. Each strain has different preferences, where the pH of the media is critical for some strains. While there are often no differences in media for Legionella pneumophila, we did find significant differences for Legionella anisa. During the development of our product CRM-LAN.00106BL, we tested multiple media from different suppliers with the same batch reference material. The results showed a significant difference between different suppliers for Legionella anisa. Thus, the use of a different supplier could lead to non-comparable results.

CRM-LPN.00107BL and CRM-LAN.00106BL are designed for media control and are fully compliant with ISO 11731.

The CRM-LPN.00107BL is not suitable for process control because the strain is unable to survive heat and acid treatment. Therefore a robust wild strain of Legionella pneumophila is used in the CRM-LPN.BH. This strain is still cultivable after heat and acid treatment and, thus, very suitable for process control of all the methods variety in ISO 11731.

CRM-LPN.BH is easy to use. The Certificate of analysis contains a property value of all the different variables in analyses, such as direct plating, filtration, heat, and acid treatment concentrations.

ProductStrain WDCMMedia control Process control 
CRM-LPN.BHLegionella pneumophila serogroup 1 –X
CRM-LPN.00107BLLegionella pneumophila serogroup 100107X –
CRM-LAN.00106BLLegionella anisa00106X –

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