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Biosisto has frequently asked whether we can supply CRM with a UV tag in the past year. Biosisto does not have these products because working with GMMO (Genetically Modified Organisms and Micro-organisms) is linked to European regulations, and we currently do not comply with this. The laboratories that use CRM + UV tags must also comply with these regulations. From inquiry, we know that most of our customers do not have this permit.

Why use CRM with a UV tag?

All alarm bells often go off immediately when a pathogen is found in an investigated product. The laboratory wants to be able to say quickly and with certainty that the pathogen is actually in the product and that it was NOT accidental cross-contamination of the CRM. A CRM + UV tag growing on an agar plate can easily be distinguished from a pathogen in a product by placing the plate under a UV lamp. The CRM + UV tag colonies will light up while the pathogen isolated from a product should not. CRM + UV tags are already available outside Europe. The regulations outside Europe are more flexible.

More information about the assessment of genetically modified microorganisms can be found on
More information about a GMO Permit can be found on

Biosisto understands the need for laboratories to quickly clarify the origin of the pathogen found. Biosisto would like to think along and find a solution to support and help its customers in this.

Alternatively, for the Internal Quality Control of the Salmonella analysis, a non-food-related strain can be used for the Salmonella analysis, such as CRM-STRAN and CRM-SABEA.




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