Method Performance Report

This menu shows a performance of a selected method with a specific CRM batch.
This option is only available with an extended license.

Validated analytical methods must undergo periodic revalidation based on ISO 17025.
The Method Performance Report provides, per method, the performance characteristics based on the first-line control analyses, with which the revalidation can be demonstrated.


Go to Menu: Analyse Charts -> Method Performance Report (MPR)
Go to Menu: Analyse Charts -> Method Performance Report (MPR)

Render a Method Performance Report

Select Method, Optional Batch, Optional Strain, and period -> Render report.

A list of the selected method, batches, and strains is displayed.
The Report can be viewed by pressing Open Panel.


ItemKind of Report information
Selection RecapInformation about the used method and used CRM
Methode PerformanceAverage, Standard Deviation reproducibility, Reproducibility, Reproducibility relative standard deviation, Measurement Uncertainty, # datapoints, # Non conform (3s deviations), % Non conform
ControlChartControlChart displayed
Non-Conformity Form ReportList of NC's in the ControlChart

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