Interval & Boxplot

The Interval and Box plot contains the following excel calculations:

ValueExcel formula
AverageAVERAGE (serie)
SampleSize (#)COUNT ( series)
StDev STDEV.S (serie)
Confidence RefTINV( 0,05; Sample Size -1)
Margin of errorConfidence Ref * (StDev / SQRT( SampleSize)
95% CI Lower BoundAverage – Margin of Error
95% CI Upper boundAverage + Margin of Error
MedianMEDIAN (serie)
1st QuartileQUARTILE.EXC (serie; 1)
3st QuartileQUARTILE.EXC (serie ; 3)
MinimumMIN (serie)
MaximumMAX (serie)

TINV( probability, deg_freedom) The TINV function syntax has the following arguments:

Probability The probability associated with the two-tailed Student’s t-distribution.

Deg_freedom The number of degrees of freedom with which to characterize the distribution.

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