Batch certificates

On the Batch certificates page, you see an overview of all the batch certificates.
Inactive batch certificates and expired batches are not displayed by default. A selection can be made with the selection option at the top of this page.

Go to Menu: Chart Setup > Batch certificates
Go to Menu: Chart Setup > Batch certificates
ItemKind of information
Product namThe name of the product
Product descriptionThe strain and matrix in the product
BatchBatch number
Expiry dateThe expiry date of the batch
Certificate date The date the certificate was created
Certificate versionThe version of the certificate. version history is visible when clicking on the i button
Active certificateA ticked box means that the batch is active

Viewing a Certificate of Analyses

Go to Menu: Chart Setup > Batch certificates

Click on the desired Batch to view the Certificate of Analysis. On this certificate of analysis, you find specific information about the batch. More information and explanation about the Certificate of Analysis can be found at Biosisto Chart
There are links in the Certificate of Analysis that will bring you to the webshop for ordering this specific batch or to the BiosistoStandard for more information about the method used.




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