Create or continue a Chart

On the Control Chart page, you will find a list of all the available batches. Use this menu when a new ControlChart must be started.
For this, a choice of type of Control Chart must be made to start the Chart. This choice must only be made at startup and cannot be changed afterward.

In this menu, continuing with an already existing Control Chart is possible.

Go to Menu: Control Chart -> Create or continue a Chart
Go to Menu: Control Chart -> Create or continue a Chart

Create a Chart

Continue a Chart



Biosisto - Quality in Control

Microbiological laboratories should be able to receive reliable analysis without much overhead. A microbiological analyst must be able to focus on the primary activities, for example analysis of the sample material. Quality control should support the analyst in a logical and simple manner. By using modern information technology, process control and quality assurance are designed smarter and more effective.

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