I have a Non Conformity; What must I do?

The appearance of an NCF form after entering a data point indicates that the quality is not under control.
The form can be completed immediately or later when it suits you better. Settings can be made in Customer Setting if desired.
The sooner, the better. The approach is to find the cause of the NF as quickly as possible and fix it to release analysis results confidently.

An NCF will automatically generate by:

  • Control Chart
    BatchCount – When there is an exceeding of the warning limits (upper control level UCL or Lower control level LCL) in the ControlChart
    BatchLimit – When there is a statistical difference between the last 30 data points and the previous ones
    Blank value – When a blank is infected
  • Quality Chart
    BatchQuality – When there is no detection in de Quality Chart, a negative result of the CRM

Action steps

  1. Fill in the form as completely as possible, preferably by the analyst who performed the analysis.
  2. Approval of the follow-up and close of the form thou a supervisor.
  3. When the cause is found, eliminate the quality issue

More specific information about Non Conformity Forms can be found at Non Conformity Forms (NFC) • BiosistoStandard




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