Quick start – New user

To use the Biosistochart as a new customer, you must perform the following three steps:

  1. Setup your methods in de BiosistoChart – one-time for a new user
    Biosisto will add your methods in de BiosistoChart.
    Email info@biosisto.com and we will help you further start the BiosistoChart as soon as possible.
  2. Setup batch limits for every new batch – one-time for a new batch
  3. Select ControlChart type – one-time for a new ControlChart

Blank samples as an extension in the method

An extension in the Method Setup is to add the results of blank samples in the ControlChart.
If you are interested in this option, please notify Biosisto, and we will activate this option for you.

Go to Menu: Chart Setup -> Methods -> Choose the method -> +Add blank to the method.
Go to Methods • BiosistoStandard for more specific information about creating a blank.

Biosisto - Quality in Control

Microbiological laboratories should be able to receive reliable analysis without much overhead. A microbiological analyst must be able to focus on the primary activities, for example analysis of the sample material. Quality control should support the analyst in a logical and simple manner. By using modern information technology, process control and quality assurance are designed smarter and more effective.

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