In this menu, a total list of methods is visible. This list contains Biosisto and your laboratory methods.
In comparison with other laboratories, it is necessary to create the correct method and dilution to make a good comparison possible with other laboratories.

Creating a method is done by Biosisto.

Sent a mail to for a new method or for a change in method.

When you are a new user of the BiosistoChart, please contact Biosisto at for good coordination with regard to the methods used.

Blanks (or other options)

It is possible to add the results of blanks or other items. If you would like to make use of this option, please contact

Viewing Method 

Go to Menu: Chart Setup > Methods. An explanation of the items can be found below.
Go to Menu: Chart Setup > Methods. An explanation of the items can be found below.
ItemKind of information
Created byName of the company that created the method
Name Name of the method, for example, ISO or NEN method or own name
Description Information about the method
MediumUsed medium
DilutionUsed dilution
Plate typeKind of plate method, for example, pour, spread of filtration
Incubation (houres)Incubation time
Incubation (°C)Incubation temperature
AccreditedIf the box is ticked, the method is accredited
ChartsTotal charts for this method for your laboratory

Biosisto - Quality in Control

Microbiological laboratories should be able to receive reliable analysis without much overhead. A microbiological analyst must be able to focus on the primary activities, for example analysis of the sample material. Quality control should support the analyst in a logical and simple manner. By using modern information technology, process control and quality assurance are designed smarter and more effective.

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